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by Jacqueline Madison

How to decorate a cupcake cake!

A couple of weeks ago, my work asked me to demonstrate how to decorate a cupcake cake at a busy local festival. I was shocked by how many people stopped, snapped pictures, asked questions, and really took part. My favorite question, “So… what are you going to do with that cake now? Can I have it?” Haha. No, you can’t have it, but I can show you how to make it!

(In this blog I am only demonstrating how to decorate the cake, so the components listed do not include a recipe.)

What you will need:

Cake from a giant cupcake mold (such as the Wilton pan pictured below.)


Food coloring (optional)

Cake board (I used a 9″ board)

Piping bags with star and plain nozzles

Off-set spatula

bread knife

1. Un-mold your cake and let cool.

2. Cut the base and the lid of the cake evenly with a bread knife. 

3. Ice the base and lid of the cake with a thin and even layer of buttercream. The buttercream is needed for the piped buttercream to stick to the cake. If you forget this step, the piped walls will fall off the base! 

4. Dab a dollop of buttercream to the top of the cake board. (This helps your cake base from moving.) Add the cake base to the board, and the lid to the side. 

5. Get your piping bags and colored buttercream ready! For the sides I used a plain nozzle. 

6. There are 2 options listed below for the base decoration. This is the stripped version. For this one, pipe straight lines starting from the bottom of the cake moving towards the top, leaving gaps big enough for another stripe in between. Be careful to use even pressure on your piping bag. 

7. Fill in the gaps with your second color buttercream.

8. With an off-set spatula, smooth the remainder of the icing towards the center of the cake. Add additional icing to the top if the cake top is not fully covered. 

9. Pop the lid on!

10. Find the lowest spot where the base touches the lid. This will be your starting point. Pipe rosettes around the rim of the cake, while keeping an eye on your starting place. The object is to keep the cake from looking uneven (even if it really is uneven), by marking around the cake’s “equator”   

11. Finish the rosettes all the way to the top of the lid. Go back and fill any gaps that you might have. Finish with some garnish of your choosing : )

**Another option for the side is the zig zag. Start with vertical lines again, but this time leave a larger gap (say, two lines worth) in between each of them.

** With a plain nozzle piping bag, zig zag up the side of the cake, starting at the bottom. Fill in each gap. 

** Top and decorate as before.

Enjoy : )


2 comments on “How to decorate a cupcake cake!

  1. Pat O'Neill
    August 6, 2011

    Jacquie, You are so talented. I love your blog! Grandma

  2. Elizabeth
    September 17, 2015

    I love it? what number of tips you use?

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