Parsley & Dill

by Jacqueline Madison

About Jacqueline Madison

I am a hard working pastry chef by day, and  passionate home cook by night. I went to The California School of Culinary Arts (Le Cordon Bleu) in Pasadena for Patisserie & Baking . Since graduating I have moved to Melbourne, Australia where I work as a pastry sous chef in a modern cupcake/wedding cake production kitchen. I am a huge fan of traveling, art, new recipes, old comforting recipes, recycled home furnishings, old jars with flowers, gardening (as I’m still learning), and great cups of coffee while reading my favorite blog I take pride in my accomplishments in the pastry world, but would love to soak up some more  savory culinary knowledge. This blog is dedicated to share what I know, and hopefully learn from others in return.

Love. love. love,

Jacqueline Madison


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